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Hampel Hosts National Marketing Association Tour and Presentation

Germantown, Wis. – Hampel hosted the Badger Chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) on a behind the scenes tour and presentation of L.T. Hampel Corp. March 26th, 2013. NAMA guests consisted of media, sales and marketing professionals proudly serving the agricultural industry.

The group took part in a tour of Hampel’s 200,000 square foot newly renovated office and manufacturing plant showcasing the latest in thermoforming technologies and the production of Calf-Tel, John Deere, and numerous other thermoformed parts. Participants witnessed firsthand how diversification allowed Hampel to invest in the latest technologies and equipment enabling Hampel to successfully develop, manufacture, and market the Calf-Tel line of products.

The event concluded with a presentation on how Hampel utilized its manufacturing core competencies and marketing expertise to advance the “Calf-Tel” brand from a locally produced and distributed product to a complete, global line of products.

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