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New Pen System Offers Calf Raisers Improved Labor Efficiency and Product Durability

GERMANTOWN, Wis. (August 30, 2006) — During the 2006 World Dairy Expo, Hampel Corp. will introduce the new Calf-Tel Pen System, a freestanding, interlocking pen system designed for indoor calf raising and multi-unit operations.

This patented housing option is made of the same high molecular weight polyethylene featured in the Calf-Tel family of products. “Using the same polyethylene plastic known to give our hutches strength, durability and longevity, we’re excited to enter the pen market with our newest product innovation,” says David Brudvig, International Agricultural Division Sales Director at Hampel. “Calf raisers know of Calf-Tel quality in our hutches. Now we’re offering that quality in a new pen system that won’t cold crack or break. The Calf-Tel Pen System has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic and requires no permanent structural features.”

With the modular construction and assembly, the Calf-Tel Pen System is easy to set up, configure, expand and sanitize. Light weight and simple to position, calf raisers can keep the pens clean and dry with minimal effort. Brudvig says the system can interlock back to back and side to side, providing customizable arrangements and ease-of-use. “The systems will offer a more efficient and effective way to raise healthy calves indoors. We also have had incredible interest from calf raisers who want to use these systems in their elevated outdoor calf pen operations.”

Calf-Tel Pen System Dimensions


Deep (ft.) Wide (in.) Tall (in.)
6 × 7 48 45


The Calf-Tel Pen System offers exterior feeding for labor efficiency and a hinged door that allows full upright access. “You won’t have to crawl through a small opening to work with each calf. With the flip of a handle, it’s easy to open the door and gain access to inside the pen,” adds Brudvig. In addition, the design offers windows for observing calves and has adjustable rear ventilation for improved air circulation.

During research trials, the pen system was found to be highly resistant to abrasion – 10 times more resistant than carbon steel. Furthermore, calf raisers will discover the pen material to be resistant to water/moisture, UV radiation, microorganisms and most chemicals.

“Whether indoors or out, Calf-Tel now offers calf raisers around the world a system for raising healthy calves,” concludes Brudvig. Producers interested in learning more can call (800) 558-8558 or visit

Hampel Corp. began as a custom manufacturer of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in 1976, and over time, using thermoforming and engineering expertise, has “molded” its future into a diversified global plastics manufacturer. The company began serving the agricultural industry in 1982 with the introduction of Calf-Tel. As a testament to its innovative engineering and quality, 99% of the original hutches are still in use today. Hampel Corp. uses a unique thermoforming manufacturing process, along with the highest quality polyethylene plastic, to achieve unmatched strength, durability and product longevity.