Research & Collaboration
Research & Collaboration

We aren’t just doers.

We’re creators. Problem solvers - comfortable at the drawing board of your concept.

From concept to creation, manufacturing and beyond, a partnership with Hampel could be whatever you want it to be.

New ideas continue to develop every day at Hampel; innovation, determination, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction continue to drive the successful growth of the company. By focusing on each industry served along with new ideas and innovation, Hampel ensures that your needs for quality products and services will continue to be met now and in the future. Hampel continues to make today’s innovations tomorrow’s solutions.

For example, Hampel collaborated with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee College of Engineering to develop a mathematical model to aid in the understanding of thermoforming cooling rates. This research was published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and presented at the 2010 International Mechanical Conference and Exposition in Toronto. For more information or a copy of the report, contact us.