Animal Care
Animal Care

First of its kind. Second to none.

If we can improve on hundreds of years of established practice, resulting in better calf health and agricultural profitability, just imagine what we could do for you.


Before Calf-Tel, animal housing was made mostly from wood — which is highly vulnerable to the elements. It breaks down, deteriorates and becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Enter: Calf-Tel. Inspired by the belief that creative, well-designed thermoforming can make the world a better place, we began work on a calf hutch that would reduce disease, save more calves’ lives, require fewer antibiotics and bring healthier and more cost-effective dairy products to homes around the world. Today, Calf-Tel has become the world’s number one choice for calf housing. Backed by clean and efficient materials, Calf-Tel has improved the health and productivity of calf development.

A superior alternative.

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Calf-Tel is the only thermoformed calf housing system on the market with a draw depth of nearly 60”. And it’s Hampel’s deep draw technology that enables Calf-Tel hutches to be formed from a single sheet of strong, durable plastic. In fact, they last so long that it’s not unusual to see Calf-Tel housing systems in use for 25 years or more — even in the most brutal weather conditions.

Meet our family.

Animal Care

Over the years, Hampel has expanded not only into a complete line of calf-housing products, but also into calf-raising consultancies. For nearly 30 years, the dairy world has turned to the experts at Calf-Tel for calf management techniques. And with an estimated two million calves raised in Calf-Tel housing every year, the verdict is in: more calves are raised in Calf-Tel housing than any other brand on the market.