Ultimate Chicken Coop
Backyard Chickens

An ultimate design, for your style of raising

Durable. Lightweight. Easy to clean.

With over 40 years of plastic design and manufacturing know-how, the Hampel Ultimate Chicken Coop is a feature-full and thoughtful design to accommodate many styles of raising.

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Ultimate Chicken Coop

Plastic Over Wood

Plastic rules over wood. The Hampel Ultimate Chicken Coop is manufactured from ultra-high grade polyethylene plastic using a process called twin-sheet thermoforming. This results in a molecular bond within the plastic which leads to unmatched durability and strength.  This is important because:

Safer for your birds AND you. It isn’t porous like wood and won’t harbor harmful bioburdens and bacteria, like salmonella.

The Hampel Ultimate Chicken Coop will not break down or splinter like wood or fiberglass.

Easy Access

Easy access to the feed and nesting boxes that close securely with metal latches to help keep your birds safe and predators out.

Multiple Doors

Multiple doors for access to feed & water, nesting boxes and viewing your birds!

Front Door

Front door opens easily and closes securely. It can also accommodate automatic door openers from popular brands.


The Ultimate Chicken Coop’s unique “flip-top” clamshell design opens up the entire coop for an easy and complete clean!

Roosting Bars

The Ultimate Chicken Coop’s roosting bars can be placed in multiple locations and are situated so that the birds don’t poop in their feed and water. (Believe it. We’ve seen this with other coops.)

Removable Trays

Removable trays allow for easy cleaning or added ventilation through the mesh floor.

Mesh Bottom

The integrated mesh bottom floor allows for added ventilation, easy waste pass-through and drains water during cleaning.

Feed and Nesting Boxes

The Ultimate Chicken Coop’s feed, water and nesting boxes are removable for cleaning or customizing your set-up.

Spacious Run

Optional run is a system integrated design providing seamless transition from coop to spacious run and secure protection from predators.

Ultimate Chicken Coop