Turf & Ag
Turf & Ag

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From simply beautiful to purely functional and everything in between, our advanced thermoforming capabilities can bring your lawn and garden equipment vision to life.

turf and agriculture

Our thermoforming technologies and expertise offer the ability to create shapes, details and finishes previously only possible with metal, fiberglass or injection molding — all at less cost, less weight and faster time to market.

Since 1976, Hampel has partnered with John Deere to provide world-class creations backed by value-adding services. Through strategic collaboration, we enabled the cost-effective production of design, process and materials. And with cellular manufacturing, the procurement and assembly of secondary parts brought finished assembly to the table.

  • Customer Since 1976
  • Secondary component procurement and assembly
  • Label application
  • Bar coding
  • Kitting
  • Kanban inventory to draw from
  • Build to demand / lean manufacturing
  • EDI
  • Specialized packaging

turf and agriculture