Waste Management
Waste Management

Hampel’s Molded Solutions

We recycle more than 95 percent of our scrap, so it seemed only natural to put some of it toward engineering better lid designs for waste containers using our selective twin sheet process.

Waste Management

Hampel developed the patented Selective Twin Sheet molding process to better address this situation. The Selective Twin Sheet process adds material only where it is needed, in this case, at the hinge area, not to the entire lid. The end result is an extremely durable dumpster lid at a competitive price. This gives Hampel’s customer a competitive advantage over competitors.

In addition to the innovative patented processes, Hampel also provides value added services such as specialized logistical management, dedicated order management and Kanban inventory management. Hampel also utilized a customized electronic order management (electronic data interchange, EDI) to simplify orders, inventory and shipments.

  • Customized production cell to meet customer needs
  • Patented Selective Twin Sheet molding process
    • Maximizes strength while minimizing cost
    • Provides competitive advantage
  • Specialized logistical management
  • Dedicated order management website
  • Kanban inventory management