About Us
About Us

Four decades of taking shape

Saving time, reducing costs, maximizing quality: it had to start somewhere. But the day we stop refining who we are is the day we stop improving what we make.

Hampel. Taking shape since 1976.

About Hampel

We are a thermoformer of heavy-gauge plastic. We've been perfecting the art and science of thermoforming since 1976, and while we’d love to share the story of how we got where we are today, we think the best way to tell you about who we are is to tell you about what we believe. And what we believe is captured in our company mantra: Take Shape.

Take Shape is our commitment to helping customers achieve the impossible. To jump in and tackle challenges head-on. Sure, we have big machines, robots and impressive technology. We have smart engineers, talented designers and a capable workforce. But more importantly, we’re a collection of optimists. We are artists, thinkers and dreamers.

We believe in the power of “Possible.” When someone tells us that something isn’t possible, we simply don’t accept it at face value. We ask, “Why?” and then start down the path toward making it possible.

Our single-minded goal is to turn customer challenges into a success. We break down barriers and fill voids with confidence. When customer challenges are resolved—they are a tangible, structural reality. They meet exacting requirements and pass rigorous tests. When challenges are met, they take shape.

This is what we do. Hampel. Take Shape.

Awards & Certifications

Hampel is certified ISO 9001:2015, an international business standard adopted by numerous countries around the world. ISO specifies a process approach to improve effectiveness of a company’s quality management system. Hampel’s certification establishes quality processes ensuring the on-time delivery of the highest-quality parts and design solutions. To view our ISO Certificate click here. To learn more about our quality systems, give us a call.

Throughout our history of thermoforming innovation, advancing capabilities and expanding partnerships with leading OEMs, Hampel has earned a variety awards and recognitions for thermoforming and business excellence.

Society of Plastics Engineer (SPE)
  • Innovations in Thermoforming 1st & 2nd Place – 2013
  • Innovations in Thermoforming 2nd Place – 2012
  • Recognition as an official Moderator and Commitment to success
Plastics News
  • Ranked #12 in the U.S. amongst all thermoformers with the capability to form heavy-gauge parts (out of a total of 152 U.S. thermoformers ranked in this category)
  • Amongst those thermoformers whose primary business is in heavy-gauge parts, Hampel would rank #7 in the U.S. in the current rankings.
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce
  • Manufacturer of the Year Nominee 2011 & 2010
Briggs & Stratton – B.E.S.T. Award
  • BuildingExcellent Supplier Teams Award
Livestock Publication Council (LPC) awards
  • “Rely” Advertisement Campaign 2nd Place in Livestock Advertiser category – 2014
  • “Purchase Wisely” Advertisement Campaign 2nd Place in Livestock Advertiser category – 2011
World Ag Expo – Top Five New Dairy Products
  • Calf-Tel Pro II & Deluxe II Housing Systems
  • “Purchase Wisely” Advertisement Campaign 2nd Place in Livestock Advertiser category
  • Honorable Mention, Calf-Tel Pen System
John Deere – Achieving Excellence
  • Recognition of Outstanding Supplier Performance
Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers
  • Govenor’s New Product Award Calf-Tel Comfort Hutch

Location & Facility

Hampel, located just northwest of Milwaukee in Germantown, Wisconsin, is recognized as a leader amongst Midwest and nationwide plastics thermoforming manufacturers.

Inside Hampel’s 190,000-square-foot, ISO 9001:2015 certified plant, you’ll find a lean, precise operation worthy of your own advanced facility. Ten work centers, each supported by the latest in forming equipment as well as the latest robotic trim cells with up to 9-axis trimming capabilities. Computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing software (CAD/CAM) to take products from concept to production. Coordinated measuring machinery (CMM) and supporting inspection software for quality assurance. It’s all about saving time, reducing costs, easing burdens and making better products for your company.

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